Why I sold my XF23mmF2

I just sold my 23mmF2. I love the 23mm focal length and the Fujifilm 23mmF2 is a great tens, which begs the question, why on earth would I sell a lens I like?

The problem isn’t the 23mmF2, it’s amazing. It’s the X100 series. The 23mmF2 used to live on my X-T2 if I needed a camera with a walk around lens…then I got my X100T.

AHXE0345 4896 x 3264

Let’s be clear, the X-T2 with 23mmF2 is hands down a better camera combination, in terms of image quality, but it’s the size and flexibility of the X100 series that make them so good. For street, the X100 is perfect, and for family events, you’re sitting with a small compact high camera with the quality of ILC. If I am at a children’s party with my kids, the size isn’t going to intimidate other parents like a DSLR.

My X-T2 will still be my first choice anytime I take a camera bag, and I do that often, but with the amount of use my X100T is getting, I’m planning an upgrade to the X100F to take advantage of the faster AF and access to profiles like Acros.

AHXE0300 4896 x 3264

Is that the end of my relationship with the 23mm? Definitely not! I will looking at the 23mmF1.4 as part of a different requirement for indoor low light stuff. I look to use the 23mmF1.4 for the odd occasion I want to take the X-T2 for street, so getting rid of the 23mmF2 allows me to justify the 23mmF1.4.

As you have probably gathered, this is in no way a reflection of the 23mmF2. If I didn’t have the X100T, I would still have it, and if you don’t have an X100 series camera, I would highly recommend this lens. On the converse, if you do have an X100 series camera, I’d consider whether you want to buy this as it may be better to invest in upgrading your X100/S/T series camera to an X100F

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The Overrated Photographer

I am a forty something year old Melbourne based photographer covering a broad range of genre’s from sports to portraits and travel. My introduction into photography started with doing some kitesurfing photos, but with the arrival of my first daughter, my focus shifted to family and the vast majority of my photos are either family or street. I still try to get extreme sports when I am not kitesurfing myself. My current non-personal photography work is confined to charity and not-for-profit engagements where I am engaged in photography for a number charity events to give back to the community and help support fund raising for these organisations. These include the homeless and cancer events. I do not currently do any paid commercial work as I run a successful non-photography business and this allows me to explore my personal creativity with photography.

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