Photographing Products – Back to school with the Fujifilm X-T2 and a helping hand.

This is for you Overrated Photographer…..

Greg Cromie Photography

In a lot of my blogs I have taken the time and care to photograph items and products that I am using or talking about in that specific blog.  When writing about my love of Japanese anime recently I photographed many of the DVD’s in my collection. When I wrote about my use of CURA cleaning products and CURA camera straps, I again took photos of those products. Cameras, lenses and other bits and pieces always feature in my blogs. For me blogs without such images make no sense. Blogs should be such visual experiences for the audience to gain a fuller and richer story.

DSCF0150 An early example. Sure it is functional but…meh!

Looking back through my past images of products – and in particular camera gear – my images have been clear and crisp but I still felt that vast improvement was needed. Especially when I look at the…

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Welcome to my page! I am a photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. I work mostly in street photography and capturing the day to day interactions of people within their world. Please take a look at my photos, read my blogs and drop me a line or follow one of my social media pages if you want to stay in touch. G

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