X70/X100 Square Hood

This is the square hood from squarehood.se for the X70 and X100 which is a plastic hood available to purchase online.

Really like the size of it, and the style of hood which is similar to the XF16mm and XF23mm style hood which I prefer over the Haoge style after market hoods for the X100.

Keep an eye out for @gregcromie review of this coming soon.

20180626-DSCF6104 6000 x 4000


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The Overrated Photographer

I am a forty something year old Melbourne based photographer covering a broad range of genre’s from sports to portraits and travel. My introduction into photography started with doing some kitesurfing photos, but with the arrival of my first daughter, my focus shifted to family and the vast majority of my photos are either family or street. I still try to get extreme sports when I am not kitesurfing myself. My current non-personal photography work is confined to charity and not-for-profit engagements where I am engaged in photography for a number charity events to give back to the community and help support fund raising for these organisations. These include the homeless and cancer events. I do not currently do any paid commercial work as I run a successful non-photography business and this allows me to explore my personal creativity with photography.

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