Square Hood Lens Hood for the Fujifilm X70 & X100F

Greg Cromie Photography

My fellow Fujifilm shooter The Overrated Photographer (ORP), gifted me with a small accessory for my Fujifilm X70. He is a generous fellow so I agreed to write up a small review for both our blog sites about this tiny product. You can take a look at his site here. Having owned the Fujifilm X70 for some time now I have become well aware of the range of Fujifilm and third party accessories that are available. Mostly leather cases and straps but also lens hoods. For those not in the know, a lens hood it attached to the end of a lens and provides a level of shade for the lens to prevent light flare bouncing off the glass. For the most part I tend to shoot without them on any of my lenses. In fact I tend to keep them on if I am shooting in the raining…

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