Photographing Products – Progress Update – With the Fujifilm X-T2

Greg Cromie Photography

In more recent photography related blogs I talked about my desire to improve upon my product shots that I utilise in my blogs and even on other social media channels. I engaged the help of my mate The Overrated Photographer as he takes amazing shots of his cameras and lenses for his own blogs over at his page here.  He also uses those shots for the blogs he shared with the Fuji X Aus community over at their new web site here.  Please be sure to check out those sites as they have fantastic Fujifilm related content and I have also been a contributor to both.  Anyway, back to the blog. In a recent blog which you can read here,  I took you through a basic step by step process of how I improved my game in taking such shots. In that blog, I only photographed my…

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Welcome to my page! I am a photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. I work mostly in street photography and capturing the day to day interactions of people within their world. Please take a look at my photos, read my blogs and drop me a line or follow one of my social media pages if you want to stay in touch. G

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