Photographing bags – with the ORP and the Fujifilm X Series.

Greg Cromie Photography

I have written in recent weeks about a day I spent hanging out with my friend The Overrated Photographer (Or ORP as I have come to think of him). It was a great day as we snuck into an abandoned mill in inner suburbia Melbourne and took lots of shots of various things. The factory buildings and grounds themselves were fantastic to capture and you can check out my blog about that content right here. Then, as the ORP rides a new shiny BMW motorbike, I took lots of shots of his new shiny motorbike.  And you can take a look at that content right here. One of the other things that the ORP and I took shots of was our bags. Yes, that is just how nerdy we are. We photographed our bags.


For anyone that is a photographer there is a never ending pursuit for perfection…

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My photography workflow with Fujifilm X Series – Part I – Preparation.

Greg Cromie Photography

I recently wrote a couple of blogs for my Fujifilm community over at Fuji X Aus.  In those interviews I chatted with a bunch of very different photographers to get an idea on how they utilise the tools they have to manage their workflow.  I guess workflow means different things for different people. For me it is about the processes I generally follow before, during and after a shoot. Or preparation, production and post processing. Regardless of if that shoot is for a more serious event or just my casual street photography. In conducting those interviews I was able to share with everyone how people make the most with what they have to generate a workflow.  If you are interested in those blogs, as well as a bunch of other blogs, then take a look at the blog section of the Fuji X Aus website here. I write on…

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Photographing motorbikes – with the ORP and the Fujifilm X Series.

Greg Cromie Photography

I have never really been much of a car guy, or a bike guy for that matter. As a young adult I had mates whose cars were their world and motorbikes were everything to them. They would buy some old cars and slowly work on them over the weekends and turn them into pretty nice looking machines.  But, whilst I loved hanging around and helping out where I could, it was never really an interest for me. From when I first got my licence and got my first car, it was more as a practical tool. A way to get out and about and visit friends or a girlfriend, etc. And motorbikes hardly ever interested me at all. I had some mates who had trail bikes and they would ride them along the creeks and train tracks near home. I would get a dink (ride double) every now and then…

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Fujifilm X – Melbourne Morning

Greg Cromie Photography

It has been a pretty cold winter so far here in Melbourne this year. Icy cold mornings and often strong winds make a terrible combination to deter would be photographers from getting out and about early in the morning. As you will have noticed from my recent blogs, most of my activities have been home based.  Experimenting with product shots, blogging about Japan, etc. I have also been doing a bit of writing for the Fuji X Aus Facebook group that I am a member of. They have a new website which you can check out here and I have been a frequent contributor to their blog section. So that has been keeping me mostly busy. But I have not been out and about actually taking shots such as I used to in kinder weather.



This morning I pushed myself to take a different course of action. After school drop-off…

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Photographing Products – Progress Update – With the Fujifilm X-T2

Greg Cromie Photography

In more recent photography related blogs I talked about my desire to improve upon my product shots that I utilise in my blogs and even on other social media channels. I engaged the help of my mate The Overrated Photographer as he takes amazing shots of his cameras and lenses for his own blogs over at his page here.  He also uses those shots for the blogs he shared with the Fuji X Aus community over at their new web site here.  Please be sure to check out those sites as they have fantastic Fujifilm related content and I have also been a contributor to both.  Anyway, back to the blog. In a recent blog which you can read here,  I took you through a basic step by step process of how I improved my game in taking such shots. In that blog, I only photographed my…

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Square Hood Lens Hood for the Fujifilm X70 & X100F

Greg Cromie Photography

My fellow Fujifilm shooter The Overrated Photographer (ORP), gifted me with a small accessory for my Fujifilm X70. He is a generous fellow so I agreed to write up a small review for both our blog sites about this tiny product. You can take a look at his site here. Having owned the Fujifilm X70 for some time now I have become well aware of the range of Fujifilm and third party accessories that are available. Mostly leather cases and straps but also lens hoods. For those not in the know, a lens hood it attached to the end of a lens and provides a level of shade for the lens to prevent light flare bouncing off the glass. For the most part I tend to shoot without them on any of my lenses. In fact I tend to keep them on if I am shooting in the raining…

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Photographing Products – Back to school with the Fujifilm X-T2 and a helping hand.

This is for you Overrated Photographer…..

Greg Cromie Photography

In a lot of my blogs I have taken the time and care to photograph items and products that I am using or talking about in that specific blog.  When writing about my love of Japanese anime recently I photographed many of the DVD’s in my collection. When I wrote about my use of CURA cleaning products and CURA camera straps, I again took photos of those products. Cameras, lenses and other bits and pieces always feature in my blogs. For me blogs without such images make no sense. Blogs should be such visual experiences for the audience to gain a fuller and richer story.

DSCF0150 An early example. Sure it is functional but…meh!

Looking back through my past images of products – and in particular camera gear – my images have been clear and crisp but I still felt that vast improvement was needed. Especially when I look at the…

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