Why I am blown away by Godox and IBIS


I’m going to start off talking about Godox (Flashpoint in some locations) and I’ll continue with the IBIS when I have given you some context. I’ve previously written reviews of Godox, but this weekend, the Godox gear blew me away. If you are looking for the information on IBIS, look at the end. The part on IBIS is short, so I’m not going to set your expectations too high.

As someone who does mainly sports and child photography, I don’t get to do formal model shoots so when I was invited to join some other photographers for a Madhatter’s shoot, I jumped at the opportunity. On Sunday, we took the drive to the Warburton Redwood Forest, about 2 hours from Melbourne for a model shoot. We had 4 photographers, 2 on Nikon and 2 on Fujifilm, along with a model and HMU artist.

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My two lens everyday carry solution


I know Fujifilm hate the use of partial names in articles, like XF23 instead of XF23mmF1.4, but for this article I’m going to be mentioning lots of different lenses repeatedly and therefore risk the anger of Fujifilm to save the repetition of typing out names in full and looking like someone with OCD. So today, I’ll type them out once in full at the beginning and you get the short version after it. Sorry, Fujifilm.

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Fujifilm Autofocus – The unwritten guide


There are a couple of videos and manuals around which cover the Fujifilm Autofocus settings in detail, but the big problem isn’t the things they cover, it’s what they don’t. Guides often talk about how to configure and setup your camera, but with this guide, we’ll focus on the hidden things, how to use it to get the best outcomes.

I’m not going to try to cover the basic configurations here, for example, what AF-C or AF-S is. If you want to know how to use the basic settings, I’d recommend this video from Fujifilm.

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Sorry Fujifilm Australia, what were you thinking?

I’m a Fujifilm fan, so I’m generally fairly complementary about Fujifilm. Locally they have been pretty supportive of the community but the following example highlights how one bad deed can ultimately sour a relationship.

You may or may not know this, but when you get the Fujifilm X-H1 and Battery Grip as a combo, Fujifilm package it in a single box and included in the deal, you get 2 extras batteries. Yes, awesome isn’t it?  Continue reading Sorry Fujifilm Australia, what were you thinking?

The XF56mmF1.2 square hood mystery

I’m not a fan of the stock plastic Fujifilm hoods so when I picked up the XF16mm and XF23mm, I started looking at the Fujifilm metal hoods along with a host of aftermarket hoods. I’m not sure if square hoods are a love it or hate it thing, but personally I really like the look and provided there is no major loss in performance, I’m happy to go with them than the plastic stock hoods.

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Godox – An easy way into lighting for Fujifilm


I’m going to be adding some photos to this shortly, I just haven’t got around to take photos when I wrote this, so I apologise if it is graphic free. I’ll update it as soon as I get time.


In the past, the Chinese brands were guilty of copytetion, taking copies of established brands products and pushing them onto the market. In some cases, you picked up reasonable quality gear at a budget price if you couldn’t afford the expensive stuff, in other cases you picked up poor quality copies that last a matter of months or weeks before dying and leaving you out of pocket with no warranty.

Godox is one of these brands that is really starting to impress me. They started off with good quality copies, but these days they are innovating with their own solutions. Lighting solutions, like the AD200 are a good indication of Godox doing good things differently and right.

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Magmod – When innovation becomes price gouging

I don’t often write overly negative articles about products but there are certain products I won’t buy out of principal.

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