Nikon to Fuji X-T2 Switchers Guide


Switching systems is a big step no matter who you are and how well you know photography. The reviews do a good job of explaining how good the camera is , but they aren’t very good at explaining the learning curve which may or may not be painful coming from another system.

For Nikon switchers, I’ve tried to cover these in this article. It’s written primarily coming from a full frame Nikon (or the D750 in my case) so it may not be applicable to all Nikon’s but hopefully it will cover most of what it needs to. It’s a little long but hopefully I’ve covered it in enough detail to keep everyone happy.

What this article is not:

– This is not a “Why is mirrorless or DSLR is better” article. There are many articles which argue both Mirrorless vs DSLR and DSLR vs Mirrorless with particular vigour. I’m not going to try do either. This article is assuming you’ve already made an educated decision on what system is better for you or the reason for your switch. My reasons are documented in the linked article called “Sorry Nikon, this is where you lost me…” but these don’t necessarily apply to you or everyone.

– It’s not intended to validate your purchase. If you want to feel good about what you’ve bought or feel that you made the right decision, go to a Fuji forum. You’ll find plenty of people to pat you on the back and tell you what an amazing decision you have made.

– It’s not a “How to use a Fuji XT2” or “How to use your camera” article. This article assumes you were fairly competent on your Nikon and not shooting in auto mode so I am not going to tell you what the camera basics are, what AFS or AFC are etc. If you want a detailed XT2 help guide, try this guide from Rico Pfirstinger on Rockynook which is great.

– It doesn’t cover video (or at least not in any level of detail) simply because I don’t work with video and I don’t think I could do it justice.

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