Meike MK-XE3 Grip for Fujifilm X-E3


As the admin of a Fujifilm X-E3 and the Fuji X Aus Facebook groups I sometimes get offered some gear for the group, either to review or for giveaways from companies looking to get their brands out. Believe it or not, I even get offered random things like mobile phone cases.

I was recently offered two Meike grips for the X-E3 to offer out to members of the group, so before sending them out to lucky winners, I unpackaged one to check it out for a review. I already have the MHG-XE3 Fujifilm grip so I thought it would be interesting to compare the two.

I will be honest and say that as I only got to test them side by side, rather than an extended test, I can’t comment on long term durability of the grip.

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UN 39mm square hood review (for XF27mmF2.8)


If you haven’t worked this out already, I’m a square lens hood fan. If they made a square hood for my iPhone, I’d probably buy it. The 27mm is an amazing little lens, compact, sharp and other than the plastic construction, there is not much to complain about but it’s been missing a hood and there aren’t many decent hood options available for it. Yes, I get that pancakes are supposed to be compact, but the X100 is the same conceptual with a host of hoods available from Fujifilm.

From what I have seen to date, the filter thread hoods to date were frankly dismal, and with no bayonet mount, there simply aren’t many alternatives. In combination with a camera like the X-E3, which is such a good looking camera, putting the 27mm on it feels like buying a Ferrari and painting it pink. If I wanted an ugly camera, I would have bought a Sony.

I’d resigned myself to a hoodless existence, not the end of the world but accepting that until Fujifilm brought out another 27mm, my chances of a hood were virtually nil…until now.

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Fujifilm X-H1 Review

Updates – 18 April 2018

I’ve updated the article on the 18th April to incorporate some feedback from a shoot I did in Warburton. All positive, so no need for concern. This is primarily surrounding IBIS.


I’ll be adding more photos as I spend more time with the camera. Unfortunately the last couple of photo shoots I have had to test the camera were children’s birthday parties and I can’t post up the results due to other children being at the event.

I’ll continue to update this review as I spend more time with the camera, along with updating it based on any firmware updates that may improve performance considerably.

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Fujifilm XF100-400F4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Review


There isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to long lenses from Fujifilm. There is Fuji XF100-400 or the…ummm…nope, that’s it. You could potentially look at the XF50-140 with a tele converter, but it doesn’t really play in the same range as the XF100-400 which is a 150-600 by full frame standards, and my experience with 2x converters is frankly pretty dismal from a loss of IQ perspective.

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Orange Monkie Foldio 3 Review


I’ve left in the exif data with the photos to give you an idea of what settings they were shot with, that should give you an idea of what lighting was available from the Foldio. Most were shot in the evening so there was very little additional light.

All the photos (with the exceptions of the two photos of the Foldio) were taken with the Foldio using either the stock white backdrop, charcoal cardboard or a piece of black reflective acrylic.


Orange Monkie isn’t new to the photography market, and the Foldio 3, as it’s name suggests, is not the first of its kind. As the 3rd and largest iteration of the Foldio produced to date, it is another Kickstarter venture that has seen considerable success on Kickstarter with more than $800,000 raised.

Given Orange Monkie’s history of delivery, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one to see if they were any good. I do a lot of photos of photo gear and it seemed like a reasonable way to get decent quality photographs with minimal setup time. I’m lazy and time poor so if it helps with that, great.

For those who have never seen the Foldio, it’s a foldable light box you can use to take photos of anything that is small enough to fit inside. It’s 63cm (25″) across in size which makes it suitable for sizeable objects like camera bags or large camera lens combinations. I won’t try explain it, just have a look at the kickstarter video and it will give you more than I could try explain:

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Godox XPro-F Trigger Review


The XPro-F has finally hit the market and I managed to get my hands on one of the first ones from Godox. These are my pure unadulterated unbiased thoughts, with the exception of my perceptions of Godox to date which have been largely positive.


Who is Godox?

I wrote a previous article about how Godox has been shaking up the market with their wireless speedlight and strobes. With limited lighting support For Fujifilm, I’ve noticed that Godox receive a lot of support in the Fujifilm market and I think products like the AD600 Pro will only serve to improve this in time, particularly as it starts to cater for the higher end professional market that might have only considered Profoto, Elinchrom or Broncolor.

For those who don’t know Godox, they are a Chinese based manufacturer of lighting goods. They make a variety of products including speedlight, strobes and modifiers. In the past, lighting goods from China were typically equated to “cheap and unreliable” but with the quality of the goods coming out of companies like Yongnuo and Godox, they’ve earned the respect of photographers in the market and many professionals have started to support them. I have the TT350F, TT685F and two AD200’s. My experience with them have been very good and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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Fujifilm X-E3 Grip (MHG-XE3) Review


Making a small camera bigger may seem like a pointless exercise for some people, but in the case of the X-E3 and some of the other small Fujifilm bodies, it’s a popular option. There are a couple of reasons for doing so:

1. If you want to add an arca swiss plate to the X-E3, the current location of the tripod screw hole is such that it makes it impossible to remove the battery or SD card once the plate is attached. In conjunction to this, if you’re planning on using a holster style attachment from spiderpro or peak design, you’ll have similar issues. Attach the plate and you’ll be stuck without being able to remove the battery or SD card.

2. For some users, the choice of X-E3 wasn’t based on it is small size, and by nature, increasing size isn’t a problem for them; increasing the size often provides a more comfortable grip.

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