Introduction I’ve always heard the XT27mmF2.8 was an underrated lens, but it only really when I got my X-E3 that I got one to trial it with the X-E3 as an X100 replacement, that I truly understood what people were talking about. The Fujifilm XF27mm is the smallest lens in the Fujifilm lineup. It’s dimension […]

Introduction When it comes to tripods, there are a few brands that everyone knows: Gitzo, Manfrotto, Vanguard, Slik, some like Gitzo are on the high end, some like Slik on the low end. Over the last couple of years, there have been some newer brands like Benro, Mefoto and 3 legged thing entering the market. […]

Advanced Note on the photos in this article: I’ll be adjusting the photos on this review over a period of time. Due to family constraints, namely a 4yr old and 7yr old with extremely low patience levels and low tolerance for any photos, I’ll be progressively updating some of the X-E3 photos as I can […]

Introduction Flash, or more specifically TTL & HSS has always been Fujifilm’s Achilles heel. Sure you could get HSS and TTL with systems like Cactus and Roboshoot, you could get some level of support, but it wasn’t native and required expensive triggers and receivers. Then the EF-X500 came out and although there was initial fanfare, […]