Artisan & Artist ACAM-77 Soft Leather Pouch Review


As usual, I tend to incorporate a long introduction to explain my buying process and why I picked something specifically over the 100,000 alternatives on the market. If you’re not into longwinded introductions and don’t care why I picked this specifically, feel free to skip over this section.

The challenge with the X-E3 is that if you want to carry it around in your laptop bag, there isn’t the availability of hard cases you can find for the X100. Even the X100 series is not without its problems the moment you add a hood, thumb rest or grip as this has the potential to complicate the options. Continue reading Artisan & Artist ACAM-77 Soft Leather Pouch Review

Pad & Quill Roll Top Backpack Review

I started looking for a new backpack for work a couple of months ago as I wanted to find a backpack , while still maintaining some form of retro modern look. This turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task.

The challenge with backpacks is they aren’t really designed to have an executive look, and most of the bags look about as executive as my daughter’s Dora the Explorer backpack. You get black backpacks, but they are not really at home walking into a boardroom. Add the challenge of finding something to carry 15″ Macbook Pro and an iPad Pro and this becomes more difficult. Granted I could have gone for a conventional messenger, but with the amount of travel (and riding on a motorbike) I tend to do, my back and shoulders are starting to suffer as a result.

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