Laowa 9mm f/2.8 – A non-landscape photographer’s review


A couple of months back I was offered pre-release Laowa 9mm for review by the local distributor in Australia. At the time I was fairly busy with work and I’m not a big landscape person, so I ended up turning it down and waiting for my own copy. The release took longer than expected, so in hindsite I probably should have taken them up on it.

For those who don’t know, the Laowa 9mm is an ultrawide manual lens available in Fujifilm mount. It’s a rectilinear lens so you don’t have the same level of distortion experienced with a typical fisheye. I’ll be completely honest and say I don’t know a lot about Laowa. According to the website, it’s made by Venus Optics who have been around since 2013 and are based out of China. Having never tried any of their gear before this, I can’t comment on any of their previous gear.

I still haven’t had a chance to take many photos, hence the lack of landscape photos, probably made worse by having kids which means it’s hard to get up for sunrise shoots when you’re helping get kids to school in the morning.I will update the missing landscapes as I get out for more landscape photography.

Thanks to Adam from the Laowa distributor in Australia for getting me my lens so quickly.

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Fuji XF27mmF2.8 Review


I’ve always heard the XT27mmF2.8 was an underrated lens, but it only really when I got my X-E3 that I got one to trial it with the X-E3 as an X100 replacement, that I truly understood what people were talking about. The Fujifilm XF27mm is the smallest lens in the Fujifilm lineup. It’s dimension and weight are unmatched although it loses the aperture ring to reduce the size and weight of the lens.

With Fujifilm’s recent cash back combined with in store discounts of 10-20% depending on when you buy, the price of the XF27mm has reached a price point where it’s hard for anyone to justify not owning one. At AUD$275 with 20% off and a $75 cash-back in Australia, it worked out to a little under AUD$150. For that price, you could be excused for thinking the result is a cheap soft lens. The XF27mm is anything but that.

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