Killing forums and the rise of Facebook groups


I recently left a photography forum I have been a member at for 10 years. I’ll be honest and say I got sick of the constant snipes at mirrorless by DSLR users. This in itself wouldn’t have been that big a problem except if anyone dared to raise a harsh word about their gods of DSLR, it was immediately flagged as trolling resulting in warnings. Double standards from the mods who were, surprise-surprise, you guessed it, DSLR users.

The final nail in the coffin for me was a thread about the new Nikon mirrorless, and whilst I have no interest in Nikon I was interested to see the somewhat predictable behaviour of the DSLR users. For some obscure reason when a mirrorless post appears, DSLR users feel the need to go in and berate mirrorless despite having no interest in the systems. Continue reading Killing forums and the rise of Facebook groups

I was wrong and I get it now – The instagram dilemma

I wrote an article previously about why I wasn’t planning to split my Instagram accounts. The logic was simple, “I don’t care about what other people think about my accounts because it’s a reflection of where I am at as a photographer”.

In theory it sounds great, and as someone not worrying about ever taking an account down a commercial path but there was one minor issue with my plan. After discussions with a friend is who an Instagram guru, there are times when you want to constrain your account and it’s not about followers and what people think of your account, it’s something different which is the value you get out of your account. Continue reading I was wrong and I get it now – The instagram dilemma